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❶I'm sorry about taking my clothes off. The offer changes from time to time.

Greatest Customer Feedback Ever Sent to McDonald's

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McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Its headquarter is presently at Illinois, US and will be moving to Chicago in Serving different fast food items to its customers, the management of the service is more eager to make the service better for them. This is why they moved from the traditional email feedback system to something more appropriate for such a business. The feedback from the customers are valuable to the service providers and will help them make to improve customer satisfaction norms.

We wish to now conclude this post here. Also, share this info with others to help them redeem their offers. Thank you, dear readers. Your email address will not be published. Check your internet connection a well, if the problems persist. Fill in the form, and describe your issue.

Choose the McDonalds restaurant you to talk about from the dropdown menu and write your feedback in the blank field. You can call this number this number any day of the week, from 7 a. I was trying to return 2 sandwiches I bought yesterday The reason I was returning the sandwiches butter milk chicken sandwich was because it was full of fat it was two sandwiches. The lady Marcia was very rude. If the offer you received mentions a specific menu item this usually means it applies only for that menu item.

You cannot replace it with something else. But you can double-check at the restaurant. The rolls were very stale. Then they gave us the wrong sodas. My husband took his sandwich back. It was a awful lunch. I go every morning for 2 sausage egg mc muffins. I went to the store on hwy I'm sorry I returned the next day, better prepared to set up a new society of mutual respect in my own competing ball pit I put up in your parking lot.

For one, that's probably a violation of property rights, or ball-density bylaws, or something of that nature. Also, my ball guy didn't show up, leaving me with less a ball pit and more an empty child's wading pool, which looked decidedly non-utopic just sitting there. Maybe sit down and hang on to something. I'm sorry I tried to fill my ball-less ball pit with industrial lubricant.

This was based on a metaphor I came up with on the spot that made a lot of sense at the time, about my new, more perfect society being more frictionless and accommodating of the unshod and shirtless among us. I'm sorry the directions I gave to my lube guy were not more precise. By the time he arrived, I had of course fled the law for, I think it was like the third or fourth time by that point, and had concealed myself while you looked around the parking lot for me.

My lube guy doesn't really belong to a profession that asks a lot of questions, and misunderstanding my instructions, he rolled his hose into your restaurant and started filling your ball pit. Your staff probably could have stopped him, had they been trained for this situation. That they hadn't is on you, not me. I'm really sorry I was hiding in your ball pit when it started filling with industrial lubricant.

Having eluded you and the police with one of my clever ploys, I had reasoned that the best place to hide was the least expected place, namely your non-ball-less ball pit.

I'm sorry about taking my clothes off. I was already down a shirt and two shoes on this whole operation by that point, and I didn't want any more ruined by the lube, which, I can assure you, was not of the highest quality. This mistake will haunt me for the rest of my days. I'm sorry they never found my body. Knowing that I was dead would have provided some measure of closure to everyone involved. Also, my actual passing would have meant that no one in the parking lot would have had to witness me sliding out the door, a pillar of flames behind me, with only a single shoe clasped over my male shame.

In conclusion, I think there's a lot of blame to be shared on both sides here, and I'm man enough to accept maybe like a third of it. Should you choose to accept the remaining 70 to 80 percent of the blame and put this whole unpleasant situation behind us, do not try to contact me. Wait until the restaurant has closed, then in a firm but clear voice, state your acknowledgment of these terms, and somehow I will hear of it. Chris Bucholz is a Cracked columnist and very slippery.

His first novel, Severance, is incredible, coming out on Dec. Join him on Facebook or Twitter. Society has gone to weirdly extreme efforts to keep women's bodily functions a secret from everyone. Movies are not written by rooms full of experts obsessing over every detail. Some blockbusters accidentally end up proving the villain was right all along.

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Secondly, when the feedback is negative, it will warn the company of potential issues that can affect future profits. The end goal of the survey is to collect actionable customer feedback the company can use to improve overall customer experience. About McDonald’s. McDonald’s is the largest chain of burger fast food restaurants in the world. About McDonald’s Survey: At McDVoice, Its all about customer satisfaction survey. Customers give feedback about the services at the outlet, price of the food, cleanliness at the place, staff behavior and much more by answering all questions during the survey.

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Visit the official McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey page at This site will take you to the official survey site. This site will take you to the official survey site. Enter necessary things asked by the site there. McDVOICE Customer Survey is available as a web portal which the users can access to provide their feedback. The website is applicable to use for feedback in most parts of the world. The main McDonald’s restaurants provide receipts with the offer but do ask for the same when ordering.