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Essay on “Mother Teresa” in Hindi

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❶This is because many languages are spoken in different parts of In dia rang in g from H in di, Urdu, Kannada to Tamil.

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मदर टेरेसा का जीवन परिचय Mother Teresa Biography In Hindi
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Her family belonged to the Albanian community. Right from the childhood days Agnes liked to b0 in church, she liked to read and to pray and to sing. At 18, the decision was made. The last two years, she assisted several religious retreats in Letnice and it was clear to her that she would be a missionary for India. She was sent to Calcutta now Kolkata , to study become a teacher. On May 24, , she made her final vows in Darjeeling. She was named the headmistress of a secondary school for the middle class Bengali girls in the centre of Calcutta.

Close to her institute was one of the greatest slums of Calcutta. Sister Teresa regularly visited hospitals, slums and the poor people. She moved back to Darjeeling on the 10th of September. She afterwards referred to this journey as: The message was to help the poor and needy. This date is still observed as the inspiration day in the society.

She was 38, when she said goodbye to her sisters and religious Loreto robe, to change it for a cheap white and blue sari. First, she went to Patna, to follow a nursing training with the sisters there.

One day a Bengali girl, from a well-off family and former student of Sister Teresa, wanted to stay with Sister Teresa and help her. This was a touching moment, but Sister Teresa was realistic and she spoke to the girl about the full poverty and about all the disagreeable aspects of the work.

She proposed the girl to wait for some time. The 19th of March , the girl returned to Sister Teresa with no jewels and in a poor dress. The decision was made. She was the first to join Sister Teresa. The strength further increased with the passage of time.

The sisters rose early in the morning, prayed for a long time, had adoration and attended mass, to find in their spiritual life, the strength to do the material work in the service of the Poor. Sister Teresa saw the community grow and knew that now she could seriously think about starting a congregation. At that moment, there were in all twelve pother Lila and the needy speaks volumes. When she picked up a woman for the first time from the street she was half eaten up by rats and ants.

She also fought the battle against the abortion. But I am grateful to receive the Nobel Prize in the name of the hungry, the naked, the homeless, of the crippled, of the blind, of the lepers, of all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared—for throughout society, people that have become a burden to the society and are shunned by everyone. Truly her selfless service made her the most admiring women and loveable person on the earth.

On September 5, , at the age of 87 she passed away. Her funeral service was held on September 13, Though she is no longer with us physically, her prayer her guidance, her good work for the poor and the needy and her legacy will remain with us forever. The Woman I Admire Most. Mother Teresa was one of the greatest women in history. She was born on 26th August, at Skopje, Yugoslavia. Her full name was Agnes Gonxtha Bajaxhui.

She adopted the word Teresa, taking a cue from the name of a nun belonging to the middle ages. Her father, an Albanian builder, died when she was just seven, and thus, she was brought up by her mother from whom she imbibed several virtues, including the virtues of compassion, love and sacrifice.

She was only about twelve when she made up her mind to become a nun. At the age of eighteen she joined the Loreto Order of nuns in Ireland. It was under the command and supervision of this order that she sailed to India in She reached Kolkata previously known as Calcutta which she made her home. She was asked to move to Darjeeling on a missionary mission. After staying at Darjeeling for a short period, she returned to Kolkata. Here, she began to teach geography in St.

Later, she became the Principal of this school. She felt in her heart great sympathy and compassion for the slum dwellers near Kolkata. She gave up her teaching job and started serving the slum-dwellers and the helpless and abandoned people. While serving the poor, she set her own example. The branches of these missions spread to several foreign countries. She died on 5th September and was beatified canonized at a grand ceremony in Rome in October, India ; Embodiment of Compassion.

Through her selfless service of the poor and the sick, Mother Teresa had not only won the hearts of the Indians but that of the people of the whole world. She came to India in for the first time and was moved at the sight of the crippled and the helpless people on the pavements.

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Hindi word essay in hindi on mera bharat. English word essay in Hindi s My India. Hindi word essay in hindi on good friday. The priest introduced Agnes to the work being done by missionaries in India. Agnes used to go trips with her mother to visit the elderly, sick and poor.

At the age of eighteen she felt that she had been called to a religious life. So Agnes decided to follow the feelings in her heart and join the Loreto Sisters of Dublin. In Agnes began her religious life in Ireland. There she spends seventeen years teaching and being principal of St. During her time there in , Agnes started her novitiate in an Abbey in Darjeeling and Abbey in the foothills of the Himalayas.

A novitiate is a time a nun spends studying, praying and contemplating before she takes her vows. On May 24, , Agnes took her first vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. She took her name for St. Theresa, the patron saint of missionaries. On May 14, , Teresa took her final vows, promising to serve God for the rest of her life.

Everyday Teresa would look out of the convent to the streets of Calcutta. She wanted to help the starving and dying people on the streets. She was not allowed to leave the Loreto order of nuns.

They had a rule that you could not leave the convent unless they were seriously ill. A four-day riot had broken out between the Muslims and Hindus, thus stopping the food delivery. Sister Teresa left the convent to find food for her hundreds of students. She met some soldiers who gave her some bags of food and told her to stay off of the streets.

But Teresa would soon experience another call from God. On September 10, Sister Teresa experienced a call with a call on an annual retreat. She was convinced that god wanted her to reach out to the poor. She believed that God told her to leave the convent and help the poor while living with them. She felt that this was an order from God and not to do this would mean to break the faith.

In Sister Teresa was given permission to leave the Loreto order of nuns. But Sister Teresa did not leave the convent until August 16, She set out onto the streets of Calcutta, wearing a simple cotton sari decorated with a blue border. She had no idea that her organization would adopt this outfit as their habit.

Leaving the Loreto Abbey was one of the greatest sacrifices she ever made. She was leaving behind her only friends and companions to go out into the slums of the cities. Before she went to the slums she proceeded to learn medical skills from Mother Anna Dengel in Patina.

There the Medical Missionary Sisters immediately took her with them where they went to the houses of sick and dying people and local hospitals. Sister Teresa learned to care for people by practicing with the sisters.

She learned how to deliver babies, fix broken bones and became aware of many common diseases and illness. She was a natural at caring for people and within three months set out to help the poor of Calcutta. Arriving back in Calcutta, she got in touch with Father Van Exem, who would help her find a place to stay. Arrangements were made for her to stay at St. There a group of nuns called the Little Sisters of the Poor gladly welcomed her.

The Little Sisters of the Poor invited her to begin with them helping the elderly. She left and went out to the streets of Calcutta to start her mission from God.

She started a school in the slum that she could see outside her window while at the convent. The first day of school five students showed up for class. Sister Teresa had no books, desks or chalkboards, but due to her determination she still managed to teach. The alphabet was the first lesson taught. The word spread through the slums and soon she had forty students. Through her students Sister Teresa met many families of Calcutta and about the poor medical care.

Many families had no income because the man of the house had been stricken with a disease. Thousands of people died each year due to lack of medical care. Poverty grew and Sister Teresa knew she had to do something more. She walked the streets looking for places to help.

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Mother Teresa Essay 3 ( words) Mother Teresa was a great and incredible woman. She was the person who shown this world a real religion of humanity. Short Paragraph on Mother Teresa. Category: Famous and Great Personalities of India On April 20, By Team Work. Mother Teresa is also known as “Blessed Teresa of Calcutta”. Short Essay on Mother Teresa (Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu) Brief History of Mother Teresa; Short Paragraph on Mother.