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Writing a Resume

Contents of a Resume

❶By tailoring your resume towards a particular position, you can usually limit it to one page. List degrees in order with the most recent first.

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Typically a resume should be one page, two pages if you possess extensive experiences related to your goals.

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Sample Resumes. Sample Resumes. Remember, because your resume is usually the first and sometimes the only thing an employer will see about you, it is a critical item in determining whether or not you will be selected for an interview -- the resume is typically the first impression an employer has of you. The Pennsylvania State University.

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Résumés and Cover Letters Before you begin your job search you will need to develop your cover letters, résumés, and other documents. Once you have written your cover letter and/or résumé consider submitting the document for critique to: [email protected] for the Résumé Critique Service. Résumés Basic Tips. The official name of this institution is The Pennsylvania State University (not Penn State). provide additional information about the company that will help to put your experience into context for an American employer (e.g., "second-largest automotive technology company in China").

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Student fine help resume state penn. This course provides for greater use of language is formatting, a readable overview of windows phone platform. Writing a Resume. We encourage you to use the following as general guidelines to develop a resume that best fits your individual needs. In general, list an associate's degree only if it is different from your PSU major and relevant to the position for which you are applying. Make your resume "pop" with help from this CareerSpots video.