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19th Amendment

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❶The Age of Great American Dreams. Constitution, and Susan B.

19th Amendment Essay Sample

Essay title: 19th Amendment
19th Amendment

In , the U. Congress ratified the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution which "defined citizenship and voters as male" and excluded women; in , Congress ratified the Fifteenth Amendment which also excluded women in favor of African-American males "The History of Women's Suffrage," Internet.

At this point, the women's movement split into two factions, the National Woman Suffrage Association, headed by Stanton and Susan. On Liberty and the US Constitution. Constitution None of the issues being raised today by the Occupy all Street OS movement are new, but rather they date back to the very beginning of the United States. At the time the Constitution was written in , human rights and civil liberties were far more constrained than they are in the 21st Century.

Only white men with property had voting rights for example, while most states still had slavery and women and children were still the property of fathers and husbands. Only very gradually was the Constitution amended to grant equal citizenship and voting rights to all, and even the original Bill of Rights was added only because the Antifederalists threatened to block ratification. In comparison, the libertarianism of John Stuart Mill in his famous book On Liberty was very radical indeed, even in much less He insisted that individuals should be left…… [Read More].

Women's Isolation Despite Representing Half of the. Women's Isolation Despite representing half of the human population, until very recently women were not afforded the same rights and freedoms as men. Furthermore, in much of the world today women remain marginalized, disenfranchised, and disempowered, and even women in the United States continue to face undue discrimination, whether in the workplace, at home, or in popular culture.

However, this should not be taken as a disregarding of the hard-fought accomplishments of women since , because over the course of intervening years, women have managed to gain a number of important rights and advantages. In particular, after spending the nineteenth century largely isolated within the domestic sphere, over the course of the twentieth century women won the right to vote, the right to equal pay and housing, and freedom over their own bodies in the form of birth control.

By examining the history of these important developments, one is able…… [Read More]. Sagebrush State the Political History. The Nevada state constitution also emphasizes freedom of religion as one of the most important rights.

The second statement of the constitution's opening Ordinance states: One of the reasons that the residents of what would become Nevada desired statehood was that they were looking for a sanctuary from the Mormons who were the majority of the population in the Utah Territory.

The non-Mormons were directly aware of the costs of living in what was in some ways a theocratic state and wanted to ensure that they, as members of minority communities of…… [Read More]. American Foreign Policy Change From to. American foreign policy change from to the present?

Before the 20th century, the U. In the decade that followed World War II, American foreign policy pitted itself against Soviet Communism through the pursuit of "containment: This policy of containment was the primary driving force behind the "Cold War" and…… [Read More].

Another area of discrimination within the LGT community is with regard to the transgendered subset vs. The larger gay community. However, even within the generally defined group labeled transgendered, there are subgroup: In addition to prejudice from outside of the LGT community, transgendered persons can be victims of misunderstanding and discrimination within the LG community Namaste, Singh et…… [Read More].

History of the League of Women Voters. During the early history of the United States there was little, if any respect for the principles of women's rights. In an intensely patriarchal society a man " If a poor man chose to send his children to the poorhouse, the mother was legally defenseless to object. The start of the history of the fight for women's rights begins with a tea party hosted by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, in New York. Stanton expressed her feelings of discontent at the situation of women in society.

This meeting…… [Read More]. Women's Rights in America What. Constitution, and Susan B. Anthony was very upset at that. For one thing, the women's suffrage movement had vigorously supported the abolition of slavery well prior to and, of course, during the Civil War ; and now that blacks were free, and were given the right to vote although many blacks in America didn't really get to vote until the Voting ights Act of guaranteed their right to cast votes prior to the women in American having the right to vote.

For another thing, many women were already stretched to the maximum in terms of the patience over their lack of voting rights. According to an article in www. Anthony , "Some of Susan B. History and Development of Feminism. Feminism The concept of feminism is not new, although it is often associated with the latter half of the twentieth century. However, assuming this is correct is an error.

The aim of this paper is to look at the concept of feminism, first defining what it is, and then looking at how it is developed and how it may be seen today. Feminism refers to an ideology in which the position of women is advanced with the aim of gaining equality; meaning that they are able to gain the same rights as men Offen, The concept of equality refers to political, economic, and legal rights Offen, The underlying concept is that women also need to have equal access to resources, such as education and health care, as well as equal opportunities in the workplace Freedman, ; Offen, While the movement and progress of the ideas may be…… [Read More].

Women's Rights Cases for Gender. The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Illinois and argued that the Fourteenth Amendment was designed to protect against race discrimination only…" Gibson, , Background to Muller v. The Court ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment did not include the protection of women's rights.

The following depicts Justice Bradley's concurring opinion regarding Bradwell's Man is, or should be, woman's protector and defender. The natural and proper timidity and delicacy which belongs to the female sex evidently unfits it for many of the occupations of civil life. The constitution of the family organization, which is founded in the divine ordinance, as well in the nature of things, indicates the domestic sphere as that which properly belongs to the domain and functions of womanhood The paramount destiny and mission of woman are to fulfill the noble and benign offices of wife and mother.

This is the law…… [Read More]. Stanton's Solitude Of Self Elizabeth Cady Stanton's speech before the United States Senate in was the first major awakening of women receiving the right to vote, thus validating the equal rights for all people as written in the United States Constitution.

The actual seed for the first omen's Rights Convention was actually planted when Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a well-known anti-slave and equal rights activist, met Lucretia Mott at the orld Anti-Slavery Convention in London; the conference that refused to allow Mott and other women delegates from the United States because of their gender.

This refusal only infuriated the cause, many finding extreme commonality in anti-slavery and omen's Suffrage Movement DuBois. In , Stanton met temperance advocate Susan B. Anthony around , found that they had a great deal in common and joined together in a three pronged approach to repeal or limit the sale of alcohol, emancipate the slaves,…… [Read More].

Women's Movement Triumph Over History. Support like this was not uncommon. As the effort grew, it became more organized and it gained momentum.

The association became a powerful force behind the women's movement. Its main goal was to force individual states to grant women the right to vote to women. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton formed in The new organization was called the National American oman Suffrage Association, and it held conventions, waged voting campaigns and distributed literature in support of women's voting rights. The Equal Rights amendment was passed in Susan B Anthony on February 15 Anthony On February 15, , Susan B.

Susan out of eight children was raised in a strict Quaker family. Her father, Daniel Anthony, was a very rigid man, a Quaker cotton manufacturer and abolitionist. He believed in making sure children were guided right, not targeting them. Her father did not let his kids experience the childish enjoyments of toys, games, and music, because all of those above were seen as distractions from the Inner Light.

Instead her father imposed self-discipline. At the age of three, Susan learned to read and write. At his new place, Susan attended a district school, when the teacher had made a refusal to teach Susan long division, she was then pulled out of school and lectured in…… [Read More]. Poem Fair and Unfair. Cassandra Louise Bogan was an American poet whose work "Cassandra" analyzes the impact that a curse has on the titular character. Born in Maine in , Bogan led a tumultuous life that was often shrouded in secrecy and one in which she frequently battled personal demons.

Through her poetry, Bogan analyzed and deconstructed the issues that haunted her. As a result, Apollo transformed the gift of foresight he had bestowed upon her because she was beautiful into a curse by having her predictions shrugged off by anyone that would hear them. Through the use of allusion, tone, and dualities, Bogan not only illustrates Cassandra's curse and personal struggle, but simultaneously comments on the prevailing social inequalities between men and women.

Women in American History. This paper reviews and critiques the contributions of women from five periods in history: She was actually very active in the movement to free the slaves before and during the Civil ar, and she helped organize and lead the Underground Railroad movement.

Argument on a Theme of Book. Of course they are rights, freedoms and liberties which are common for every democratic society where justice is guaranteed to everyone not looking on his heritage, gender and social status.

It was stated in the constitution; it was stated in the declaration of independence and in other documents which are considered to execute nearly the same role for modern society as Ten Commandments told by Moses to Hebrew people. But in reality is it so perfect as it's written and as it seems to be? Or as we want it to be? The answer of course is no. Different kinds of discrimination exist in nowadays society, in one of the most democratic and liberal in free world.

It refers to any issue, which distinguishes a person from the rest of the crowd by his qualities that do not have any reference…… [Read More]. Psychology of Gender in Business. Psychology of Gender in usiness Traditional gender roles have defined the business lives as well as the home lives of families and breadwinners for numerous generations. Certain expectations were put in place at what seems to be the dawn of time.

The evolution of these decided obligations went on to shape the traditional family and the roster of the traditional workplace. Expansions and millenniums of progression in this historical framework then gave way to what the modern world still often considers gender specific job roles. Though, without question, this segregative and selective approach to the business world is surely archaic. Nevertheless, over the last decade or so there has been a revolution that is gaining steam in the business community.

The idea of equality is becoming more and more popular among businesses and government agencies. Such powerful and influential entities have finally realized that the furthering and promotion of gender…… [Read More].

Flapper Movement the Effect of the Flappers. And UK can be described as a period of great change, both socially and economically. During this period the image of the women completely changed and a "new women" emerged who appears to have impacted social changes occurring in future generations of both men and women. This new symbol of the women was the Flapper. The Flapper was a new type of young woman that was rebellious, fun, bold and outspoken Zeitz, This research paper explains the rise and fall of the Flapper in the 's, explores its historical and current impact on women in terms of culture, work, gender and social behavior and reflects on its long-term impact of the position of today's women.

Evolution of the Flapper Flappers, most often characterized as the "New Woman," originally emerged in the s in the…… [Read More]. Women First Wave Susan B. She is the daughter of Alice Walker, who wrote the Color Purple. She took her mother's maiden name at the age of Rebecca graduated cum laude from Yale University in , and moved on to co-found the Third Wave Foundation.

She is considered to be one of the founding leaders of third-wave feminism. In addition to her contributing editorship for Ms. Her relationship with her mother has been strained because of various public indictments the younger Walker made against her. Nevertheless, some believe that Rebecca might not have been as famous or powerful today without her ties to the illustrious Alice Walker.

Jennifer Baumgardner is a prominent voice for women and girls. She works as a writer, speaker and activist. During , she worked as the youngest editor at Ms. Emma Goldman the Interesting Thing. When she died in Toronto, after having a stroke while playing cards, her last words were "oddamn it, why did you lead that?

Until the end, she was strong, feisty and a true role model for all humans who strongly believe in and want to promote a cause.

In oldman's biography, Falk clearly recognizes that oldman is no saint or a andhi, and will never be remembered as such. However, "Emma oldman provided an example for all women in the affirmation of her sexuality and her internal struggle with gender norms; she provided an example for all human beings in her total disrespect for the evil of institutions. She advocated freedom, which is admirable. But she lived freely in a world enslaved, which is heroic.

Rutgers University Press,…… [Read More]. History of the 's. Areas covered include the arts, news and politics, science and humanities, business and industry, society fads and sports. The bibliography includes fives sources, with five quotations from secondary sources, and footnotes. The 's are commonly referred to as the 'Roaring Twenties', an appropriate title for a decade that did indeed roar out of the Victorian Era.

Gone were the corsets and up went the skirt hems as flapper girls bared their legs and speakeasies with bathtub gin dominated the nightlife. Tycoons became America's royalties while bohemian lifestyles bore the twentieth century's most influential era of art and literature. Inventions brought us into the modern age of convenience and history making events.

The twenties began with a serious but short-lived post-war recession, following World War 1. Yet, by the mid-twenties, business and industry had created legends that have…… [Read More].

Wave of Feminism Took Place. This is similar to third wave thinking; however, post modern feminists tend to embrace academic writing and academic feminism, and third wave feminists generally reject academic feminism Frederick, In addition, postmodern feminists are considered more grounded in theory, and very specific with regard to their intent and vocalizations, whereas third wave are also seen as appealing more to the masses Frederick, ; Tong, Postmodern feminism is also viewed as embracing the idea of 'disruptive sexuality' without analysis Frederick, People say that Feminism is messier today third wave than in the first and second wave because feminists have complicated the very nature of feminism.

In the second wave women were dealing with traditional things such as basic human rights, but now most women don't know what is happening. Women already have many basic freedoms thus don't know where to turn. Feminists in the third wave still attempt to…… [Read More]. Violence often brings about momentary results.

Nations have frequently won their independence in battle. But in spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problem; it merely creates new and more complicated ones. It is a type of resistance that both the oppressed and the oppressor sometimes use. A march of protest sometimes turns violent, and by doing so it serves no goal and brings no deliverance to the suffering.

Scarface is the nickname which was given to one of the most famous and infamous members of organized crime. Scholars and crime-buffs throughout the United States know all about Alphonse "Scarface" Capone and how he grew to head the mafia in Chicago, Illinois in the s.

Capone was able to achieve his success in the underworld by being smarter and perhaps luckier than his enemies. He was a strategist, as focused on the destruction of his opposition as any general of any army. Although his actions were nefarious and his endeavors only intended to his financial betterment, it cannot be denied that the likes of Capone served an important role in the formation of American history.

The original film Scarface is based on the life of Al Capone, gangster films being very popular in the s and early s while the s remake of Scarface tells a similarly themed story…… [Read More]. Virginia Woolf and Maxine Hong Kingston.

Shakespeare's Sister," and Maxine Hong Kingston's story, "No Name oman," reveal the theme of silencing women within literature, resurrection by the female author, while the lives of the authors' provide a dramatic contrast to the suppression of women depicted in their works. Ultimately, female writers like Hong Kingston are the fulfillment of oolf's dream for Shakespeare's sister, and represent the death of the tradition of silencing women's voices within the estern world.

The Silencing of omen Depicted in oolf and Hong Kingston oolf's essay, "Shakespeare's Sister" is a clear portrait of the silencing of women by larger society. She begins this analysis by noting the lack of women's presence in either history books or within literature. Democracy in Athens Compared to Today. Ancient Athens and Today The democratic process of ancient Athens as compared to today was much different.

The most obvious difference is simply the scale of the process. Ancient Athens was a relatively small city-state compared to the enormous country that is the United States. There are many millions more people in today's U. Today's elections are also much less direct than they were in Athens. In today's world, citizens are very far removed from the process for the most part and must rely on their elected representatives to represent them fairly. Given the sheer number of people in the U. Northern and Southern Colonies before the Civil War In the middle of the 19th century, the industrial revolution that was growing depicted the presence of the two countries all of the most progressive independent states.

The symbolic status in England laid the foundation of working class exploitation, urbanization and industrialization and the other one based on village, farmhouse, agriculture, and trustworthy relations between tenants and squires in As of , the North saw increased populations of immigrants incoming.

The census that was carried out in showed the population of the United States to be about thirty-one million. This represented a thirty-nine percent increase in a span of ten years where the South only had eighth million whites compared to twenty million…… [Read More]. Women's Suffrage the Suffrage Question. They argued that women would not have any reforming effect on the country because they would vote with their husbands opposite of what they argued earlier.

In states where they already had the vote, they had made no difference. Finally, they argued that women didn't really want the vote, anyway. This last charge had some truth to it. Anthony observed that the apathy of most women about the vote was the biggest obstacle for the movement. President Theodore Roosevelt in said that women would get the vote when "women as a whole show any special interest in the matter" Woloch Terborg-Penn points out that between and middle-class black women became active in the cause.

She states that black feminists could never overlook the issue of racism; for them, it wasn't just a matter of being women; their color was a major cause of…… [Read More]. Constitution the Court and Race. However, the doctrine of "states' rights," also stemming from the Constitution, encouraged the southern states to believe that they could deal with their Negro residents as they chose, as only slavery had been specifically banned.

They began imposing more and more restrictive rules on their lack residents. The Ku Klux Klan formed after the federally managed "Reconstruction" ended. The KKK terrorized lacks who violated the views of the local Whites regarding how lacks should behave and conduct themselves. At the end of the 19th century, in the ruling Plessy vs. This ruling justified all sorts of horrific practices, including segregated schools, which were separate but often not equal.

Typically these schools did not have libraries, and typically the textbooks were outdated…… [Read More]. Role and Evolution of the American Prison. Given that the document is now over two hundred years old, it constantly experiences numerous amendments and interpretations. As a result, the criminal justice system over the years experienced alterations in order to reflect the needs and beliefs of each subsequent generation.

The configuration of the modern prison system has its basis in the late 's and early s. The development of the modern prison system aims at protecting innocent members of the society from criminals.

The prison systems also deter criminals from committing more crimes through detaining and rehabilitating them. However, more and more deluge of white-collar crimes and other crimes, burdens the American criminal justice system and the prison…… [Read More]. However, the act only applied to larger towns and the rural districts were still left under the administrative control of the Justices of the Peace until the establishment of elected county councils in Even though it was quite inadequate for the immediate needs of the common peoples of England, this act made it possible for main urban areas to form their own powerful authority, subject to popular control, and thus able to levy a local rate.

From this simple beginning, a concentration of new functions arose and throughout the 20th century powers would continue to be added to municipal corporations.

One of the best results of the Municipal Corporations Act was that it created new possibilities, such as the education of children, and supplied the public with trams, light, water and housing.

Status of Women in the Pre and. The paper also touches upon the current status of women to show how the changes that took place in the 19th century finally affected the life of American women in the 20th century. Social economic and political conditions have undergone a massive change since the country attained freedom in Women were a significantly oppressed section of the society in the 17th and 18th centuries, there were no voting rights for them and they were kept out of armed forces and other businesses.

This resulted in lack of economic resources for women, which further lowered their position in the country, as they had to depend…… [Read More]. A Case Study in ace elations during econstruction Louisiana: A Case Study in ace elations during econstruction Southern Louisiana during the Civil War was quickly occupied by Union troops and the slaves began to flee plantations to Union-controlled cities like New Orleans and Natchez Steedman, The influx created problems for the Army since they were both wartime refugees and de facto free, despite parts of southern Louisiana being excluded from the Emancipation Proclamation.

As the war drew to a close in President Lincoln used Union-occupied Louisiana as a showcase for econstruction. Elections were held, governor and representatives selected, but Congress refused to recognize Louisiana's representatives. In , the Thirteenth Amendment was enacted making any form of slavery illegal in the United States Goluboff, When elections were held again in , control of Louisiana shifted to Southern Democrats…… [Read More].

Wetlands Regulation in USA. Regulation of etlands in the United States Regulation of etlands in the United States Defining etlands and their Value A wetland refers to a place where water covers the soil. A wetland is a saturated land that comprises of swamps or marshes. Lewis defines a wetland as, "an ecosystem that depends on constant or recurrent, shallow inundation or saturation at or near the surface of the substrate" p.

He further ascertains that the minimum necessary qualities of a wetland are sustained inundation, saturation or recurrent at or near the surface and the existence of chemical, biological and physical facets that reflect recurrent, saturation and sustained inundation Lewis 3. The major diagnostic wetland features include hydrophytic vegetation and hydric soils.

These characteristics present biotic, anthropogenic or physicochemical features apart from where the growth of these aspects has been blocked Lewis 3. The wetlands are located near rivers, oceans, lakes or…… [Read More].

Polygamous Revolt the Response of. Congress' prohibition of the practice and the Court's refusal to allow the practice, conflicted with the rights of individuals engaged in such practice. The actions of a religious group which are normally protected under the First Amendment and the laws of states like Utah that might wish to turn a blind eye to the practice were not allowed.

The states claim the social contract has been broken because the U. However, if this were the case that a state could secede every time the federal government disagreed with a state's definition of individual liberties. Virtually every constitutional dispute in the history of the nation, regarding the Bill of Rights, from abortion, to affirmative action, to gay marriage, to free speech, could justify…… [Read More].

Cultural and Social History. Illusion is central to both Abselon's description of the "pantomime of gentility," and Cook's description of what he calls "artful deception. Does illusion operate similarly or differently in these two contexts? Why is illusion so compelling to nineteenth-century, middle -class audience. For this question use the following two texts: Abselon and James Cook focus in their respective texts upon the intersection of race, gender, and class that occurred in the twin modern temples of illusion, the department store and the circus, of the 19th century middle class.

For Abelson, the popularity of the newly-created department store enabled merchants to display the supposed bounty of the middle class' new largess, combined with the illusion…… [Read More]. Gun Violence in the United States According to the Gun Violence Archive, which keeps track of gun-related violence in the United States, has had 53, known incidents, resulting in 13, deaths and 28, injuries.

There have been mass shooting incidents in In , there were mass shootings killing a total of people and wounding 1,, according to the Mass Shooting Tracker "Guns in the U. The statistics behind the violence" Defensive use accounts for of all gun-related incidents in , and 1, gun incidents in were classified as being accidental Gun Violence Archive, In alone, there were 64 school shootings. Some of those incidents did not involve casualties, but the numbers still prove alarming, revealing the extent of the problem "Guns in the U.

Even more mass shootings take place in ordinary businesses --…… [Read More]. Freedom of the Press and. The actual Campari ads portrayed interviews with various celebrities about their 'first times. Hustler mimicked the Campari format and created a fictional interview with Falwell in which he stated that his 'first time' was during a drunken incestuous rendezvous with his mother in an outhouse p.

Child Abuse From All Angles. The victim is often put into situations where they are physically deprived of the things they need to make appropriate decisions. For instance they may be deprived of sleep or food so that they can be more easily manipulated.

Mental abuse may also involve teasing or name calling. In many cases the perpetrator is very aware of the victim's weaknesses and uses them to humiliate or subjugate the victim. Sexual Abuse The sexual abuse of children is increasing throughout the world and has increased drastically in recent years. In many cases children are sexually abused by someone that they know, rather it be a neighbor, a parent or an acquaintance.

Sexual abuse can also have lasting effects on the psyche of an individual. Studies have found that children who experience sexual abuse are more likely to become promiscuous as…… [Read More].

Government Changes post-Revolution ar vs. In order to understand how this is true, one must look at several issues, such as the causes of each of the wars, the purposes and intentions, and the ultimate results. The Revolutionary ar was based on the struggle to become independent from Great Britain and this struggle began due to a series of taxes forced upon the citizens. So "taxation without representation" was the initial call to arms however, it grew to include other freedoms as well.

The Civil ar was utterly a different process of situation. Abolitionist Movement Played a Crucial. The hierarchical society, which characterized the new nation, was another aspect, which would soon be transformed. The churches were supported by those elites. Social, political, and religious authority had been tightly interwoven in the same small group of elite leaders.

Racial amity Another major social change that started to happen was the dissolution of apartheid. Though it must be understood that racial segregation continued in existence much long after the abolition of slavery, the cause for desegregation was initiated in the 's.

Oberlin College, started in , became the first ever College in the U. To admit…… [Read More]. Criminal Justice - Counterterrorism Counterterrorism. Legislation such as many elements of the U. PATRIOT ACT are problematic because they do not provide adequate controls to ensure that investigative methods and procedures appropriate under some circumstances cannot be used in circumstances where they are inappropriate under U.

Explain how it works. What authorities can it grant law enforcement? How is it different from traditional courts? What concerns exist about expanding the use of FISA? The Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act of FISA was established to regulate the use of surveillance by the executive branch of government in the wake of various unconstitutional investigations conducted by the Nixon administration in connection with monitoring political rivals and government opposition groups.

The FISA Act authorized the covert monitoring of information and communication exchanges of entities of foreign governments engaged in espionage and intelligence collection activities in the U. Defense Authorization Act of The National Guard, as anticipated by the Constitution's framers, was now a military reserve ready to serve the national interest.

The National Guard, while getting large amounts of federal funds and growing in size, continued to struggle to find its true role in military operations and readiness. The natural disasters and civil disorder incidents in which Guardsmen were called to help supported their cause.

These included such events as the San Francisco earthquake in ; over 21 times" Smith P. In Florida, National Guard served the role of preventing the lynching of black, and they maintained order during worker strike in several states. Typically, when citizens went into labor strikes across the country and action taken by the undisciplined National Guard against the strikers was very questionable.

You may remember that the 15th amendment made it illegal for the federal or state government to deny any US citizen the right to vote. For some reason, this did not apply to women. The 19th amendment changed this by making it illegal for any citizen, regardless of gender, to be denied the right to vote. The movement to allow women the right to vote through the 19th amendment was the Suffrage movement.

You may have heard of women such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who were key figures in the Suffrage movement. The Suffrage movement has been going on since the Civil War, but the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments did not cover the rights of women to vote. These women were the original authors of the 19th amendment although it took forty-one years before the government would even consider ratifying the 19th amendment.

Many lawmakers feared that women would vote in large groups, which would affect the outcome of elections. The 19th amendment unified suffrage laws across the United States. Before the 19h amendment, there were many states where women had full suffrage, including New York and most Western states. Other states had limited suffrage, only allowing women to vote in select elections. During this time, there were a number of efforts to get Congress to consider the 19th amendment, mostly successful, until Wisconsin was the first state to approve the amendment and the 36th and final approval needed to have the amendment passed was in Tennessee in , by a slim margin.

With that ratification complete the 19th amendment became part of the constitution on August 18, The Supreme Court would later defend the right of women to vote under the 19th amendment in Maryland, where one concerned citizen sued to stop women from voting. The Supreme Court disagreed. All states, even states that rejected the 19th amendment at first have ratified the amendment.

The last state was Mississippi.

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Essay on 19th amendment - AMENDMENT 19 The amendment that I chose to do my report on is the 19th amendment. This amendment guaranteed the voting right to all of the American woman. The victory of this amendment took decades to be passed. In August of marked the 75th anniversary of the ratification of this amendment.

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- The 19th amendment states that the United States Constitution prohibits any United States citizen from being denied the right to vote on the basis of sex. The 19th amendment was a significant turning point for many women in America.

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The 19th Amendment essaysSubsequent to the Revolution for freedom, Americans detained a sense of belonging and individuality. The document "not to forget the ladies", which calculated each, slave as three-fifths an individual, entirely overlooked women. 19th Amendment 1 Essay In , soon after ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, the National Woman's Party and its leader, Alice Paul, decided that a constitutional amendment granting equal rights to women was the next step in liberating women.

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The amendment that I chose to do my report on is the 19th amendment. This amendment guaranteed the voting right to all of the American woman. The victory of this amendment took decades to be passed/5(1). 19th Amendment Essay Sample. The 19th amendment was the amendment that granted women the right to vote and it affected almost half of the United States. It changed our society by now including women who had no previous say in government. The 19th amendment ended discrimination to half of our society.