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6 Tips for a Perfect-Scoring GRE Essay

❶The last sentence of the paragraph again links back to the discussion of audience taste vs.

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Suppose, for instance, that total positive movie reviews dropped from 1, to , while the corresponding Super Screen sum fell from to On the other hand, imagine that both total and percentage positive reviews for specific Super Screen movies increased this past year. Could annual attendance have dropped to its lowest for reasons other than insufficient advertising? Yes, one of the alternate causes already named, such as a sharp decline in total moviegoers, could explain the drop.

Another explanation could be that the reviews were well-advertised, but potential viewers did not find them compelling. What did the reviews say? Who were the reviewers? If many of the write-ups offered only generic plaudits, like "fun movie," or weakly positive ratings, such as "3 out of 5 stars," these middling reviews probably would not have been strong attendance drivers.

Even if the reviews were often excellent, critiques from top movie critics may have been absent or even unfavorable, potentially depressing attendance. Attracting and promoting enticing write-ups is important for a film company's success. Whether Super Screen garnered more this past year than in prior years is unclear.

Uncertainty likewise surrounds how well the company promoted whatever good reviews its films did receive. Indeed, contrary to what the director argues, too little advertising may not have caused record-low attendance at the company's films this past year. Consequently, the director's recommendation that the company should boost next year's advertising budget remains in doubt.

E-rater gave my essay a 5. The highest score you can get is 6, and the lowest is 0. According to the official scoring guide , a score of 5 is awarded to a "Strong" essay that "presents a generally thoughtful, well-developed examination of the argument and conveys meaning clearly. I feel pretty good about a 5.

Still, why didn't I get a 6? What did I need to do to write an "Outstanding" essay that "presents a cogent, well-articulated examination of the argument and conveys meaning skillfully"? The words "cogent" and "thoughtful" refer to an essay's content. Since e-rater can't grasp the meaning of the text being scored , it doesn't actually look at content. Instead, e-rater measures writing quality. So maybe the writing feedback the software supplied will reveal why I got a 5 rather than a 6.

Along with my score, e-rater reported some basic writing measures, such as word count, and presented an analysis of my essay's grammar, usage, mechanics, style, and organization and development. Scored sample essays, written by real test takers, were provided for comparison.

Based on these metrics, a less developed essay with longer sentences and more unique words appears to be a better essay. But don't be misled. Style and vocabulary carry less weight than development, and the sample essay, despite having fewer total words, was a bit more developed than mine. Since e-rater didn't complain much about my grammar and the like, the software probably would've given me a 6 if I'd just popped on another paragraph.

But would a human have given me a 6? Humans evaluate ideas, not just count them, and mine may merit only a 5 or lower. To see whether my analysis is cogent enough to earn a 6, I can again compare my essay to the 6-rated and, crucially, human-scored sample response.

If my content is similar to the sample's, then my score probably will be, too. But what if e-rater's score equals or exceeds either 3. Bibi scores your Issue essay. Say she gives it a 5. Then your final Issue essay score is the average of 4 Amy's score and 5 Bibi's score rounded up to the nearest half-point—that is, 4. Your Argument essay is likewise scored by e-rater plus one or more humans.

Your official Analytical Writing score is the average of the final scores for your two essays. Back to our question: Why doesn't an e-rater score accompany the automated unofficial Quant and Verbal scores that you get in the test center?

The short answer is that your official Quant and Verbal scores are automated, whereas your official Analytical Writing score is not. The long answer, I suspect, is that thousands of official scores wouldn't match the scores from e-rater. Even if the e-rater score equals the human score for the Issue essay, the overall Analytical Writing score from e-rater may not equal the official human-assigned score. Still, let's not ignore the bigger, better part of e-rater's scoring record.

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united states foreign service national essay contest Gre Essay Review Service dissertation structure glossary writing an essay in mla format. The GRE General Test Analytical Writing measure tests your critical thinking and analytical writing skills. It consists of two separately timed tasks: a minute review the strategies, sample topics, essay responses and rater commentary for each task contained in this section. Also review .