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INSEAD Assessment

Programs and Services Available for English Language Learners

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NYC Framework for great schools
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We have more than 5 years supplying around 15 products in Dominican Republic. Our Customers satisfaction express the service and quality with supplied. If you have any difficulties, contact me, cnoe59 hotmail. My girl has been humiliated and kicked out of a band competition due to autistic behaviors of asking too many questions during a rehearsal after she messed up playing a note. Do we have any legal options? Since the questioning during high-stress is an autism trait, do we have any recourse for future incidences?

My son is going into Middle school with an IEP. He also gets bus transportation. We are in NY. I am being told that if he participates in an after-school activity he is not entitled to bus service home. This is why I have never been able to send him to an after school activity including homework help. My son is He has had issues with substance use disorder. He went through a difficult time where his substance use led to arrests. He cleaned himself up through therapy, substance use counseling and the diversion program.

During this time, we removed him from school so he could focus on his sobriety. Recently, he returned to school. They are fully aware of his disabilities and he is on a plan.

We also shared his substance use issues. Since starting school, he has been suspended 3 times for ditching 2 days over a period of a month and for lying about the ditch. Last week he was paraded out of the gym in full uniform and told that he was removed from the team due to his suspensions. Can they deny him playing sports? I would like to know the outcome of this because my soon to be 17 year old has an ARD for an emotional disturbance and said a cuss word while frusturated in athletics to only be yelled by the head coach and told to go to the office and get a schedule change.

The details of how to participate in extracurriculars are kept secret. They have wheelchair basketball. My daughter has a and started middle school this year.

Nothing was written on the board and no notices ever came home. She had no idea when to sign up for activities or where to go. By the time I would inquire it was always too late, as the clubs were already filled.

The school most likely has a website where you can find the extra curricular activities. There may be away to sign up online or you could maybe contact the principle to see how to register her early for some clubs.

Write a letter to the principle also expressing your concerns and hopefully he will have a proper answer for you.

If by chance things fall through again find some activities outside of the school to keep up her confidence and keep her interacting with other kids hers age. We just moved and met with the middle school our daughter will be transferring to.

Over the summer we were able to get a state scholarship sending our daughter to a private school with a program for learning disabilities that encourages participation in extracurriculars. So, thankfully, we were able to avoid the issue. I wish I could help! Have you seen this? This would make a nondisabled student ineligible. I would love clarification as well. The school is required to follow the IEP. How did you find out that the IEP was not followed?

What I would do is call for a meeting immediately and hope that the school fesses up to their wrongdoing. If they do not you can request either a due process hearing or report the complaint to the state.

I did call a meeting but the school failed to acknowledge their wrongdoing. Their solution was to suspend all academic goals so they could get more data we had an IEP for only academics not behavior.

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The UFT sponsors a homework help program for elementary and middle school students called Dial-A-Teacher. Classroom teachers answer homework questions at , Monday through Thursday, from 4 to 7 p.m. during the school year.

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