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Internal Customer Service

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❶The internal customer may be a situational customer.


A Definition and Case Study

Have you kept any of them? Now is your chance to choose one of these areas to focus on each month over the next year and see your employee retention rise, and employee satisfaction increase, and your dreams become reality.

As your team members are more engaged and more productive you will see improvement in customer relationships and retention. Internal customer service is essential to a happy and productive team.

Focusing on your team will ensure everyone wins in ! Katie can be reached at or via email at Katie RedCarpetLearning. Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author. This is medicine that can be challenging to swallow.

If your business is dedicated to being "all about the customer," suddenly being "all about the employee" seems like a different, and additional, mission to take on.

One response that can work is to keep your organization's pro-customer language intact, but to start talking about your employees as "internal customers" and extending that language so it applies to the company's treatment of them as well.

Once you think of employees as internal customers, your entire organization can start internally applying what they've learned works extermally: These are all behaviors and skills that employees often grow lax on when not working with external customers, which is perhaps understandable, since they feel that they're offstage. The power of this shift can be formidable.

While it's only external customers that directly pay our bills, employees can float, or sink, a business just as directly. While they don't need the formalities often present in how we treat external customers--for example, when you answer an internal telephone line you don't need to give a complete "Welcome to XYZ, Jeremy speaking, how may I assist you?

Still, many people believe that customer service training is only for front line personnel. Service must be a total commitment not just for the front line, but for every employee of any business, from the mail room attendant to the janitor to the president to the CEO.

Everyone has a customer. If it is not the outside customer, then it is the internal customer. So who is an internal customer? A simple definition of an internal customer is anyone within an organization who at any time is dependent on anyone else within the organization. The internal customer may be a situational customer.

This person may not always be the internal customer. They might be depending on someone inside the company at a specific time for a specific reason, maybe once a week or even once a year.

An example of an internal customer may be someone in the payroll department. The manager failed his or her internal customer. This internal customer can be someone you work for as well as someone who works for you. At first you might think that because she works for me that I would always be her internal customer.

Of course I am dependent on her to help me with my responsibilities, but she is just as dependent on me to get her the right information and training so that she can do the best job possible. It goes both ways. The concept is sound and strong. Customer service has to be a total company effort. The front line needs the support of everyone within the organization. The traditional structure of a company has the CEO or President at the top with layers of management underneath, ending with the front line employee who deals directly with the outside customer.

Imagine a triangle or pyramid. The CEO is at the top — at the point. At the bottom, at the base of the pyramid, are the front line employees. The chain of command flows down. The responsibility to each level of management and every employee flows down. This is very traditional. In his book, he turned the pyramid upside down.

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Outstanding internal customer service is simply good business. Internal customer service can flourish only in high communication environment. To create positive internal customer service, all departments work together cooperatively, agree on processes and procedures, and negotiate expectations.

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As an internal provider of service, you are responsible for setting clear guidelines about what internal customers can reasonably expect. Last minute requests are typically due to poor planning on the part of the internal customer.

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Companies that practice outstanding customer service find it is easier to attract and keep customers. Companies that practice outstanding internal service find it easier to attract and keep good employees. Employees who practice outstanding internal service find it easier to keep and enhance their careers. Jan 20,  · As a customer service consultant and speaker, I find myself fielding inquiries about internal customer service almost as often as external. These two concepts aren't precisely the same and have different subtleties of execution, so here are ten internal customer service best practices: principles for transforming your company culture into one where internal customer service is a powerful force.

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Internal Customer Service refers to the interactions between all the employees who support the company and those who work on the front line with “The Customer”. Micah Solomon, recently named the "new guru of customer service excellence" by the Financial Post, is a customer service consultant, customer service thought leader, keynote speaker, customer.