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Condoms should be distributed in schools: agree or disagree Essay

The Time Has Come: Free Condoms in Every High School

❶In the United States denied a New York State Law prohibiting the distribution or sale of non-prescription contraceptives to teens under the age of Yes, condoms should be available in high school.

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Most are missing the point.
Safe Sex Better than STDs, Pregnancy
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With sex still a taboo subject in many homes and schools, lots of students do not receive sex education until they are in their later years of schooling. How are these students able to make adult informed decision when they have little knowledge on the subject?

We cannot expect them to be adults, they are children. Children are more likely to make mistakes and make poor decisions, how can we punish them by not providing them with the proper support and knowledge they need and if this means giving them condoms then that is something we need to do. In my opinion condom distribution does not promote sex in high school, they just want their kids to be safe, and that's how others should perceive distributing condoms as well.

With there being lower class income families in the U. While in turn this sometimes leads to teen pregnancy or STIs. I would rather see high schools distribute them then completely ignore the fact that some teenagers do have sex at all. With distributing condoms in high school it gives everyone a fair chance as to use them or not.

Then it gets rid of any socioeconomic stereotypes that we have in out culture. If it prevents teen pregnancy rates and STI rates to go down, then quite honestly I'm all for it because it is the best for the kids future. I think they should definitely give out condom to high school students. Nowadays, the pregnancy rates become higher in high school, to prevent such thing, they should give them condoms to the students so they can protect themselves. Not everyone can go to a drug store and buy condoms without feeling embarrassed or shy.

If someone didn't wanted to have sex at first, not the availability of condom will make them have sex. If they wanted to have sex they will have it whether they have it or not. Condom prevents studs and pregnancy. I wouldn't be happy to see one of my friend getting pregnant at a young age or catching STD because of not protecting themselves.

I am a teenager myself, and I think it would help tremendously if condoms were given out at schools. I understand that they put themselves into the situation, but teenagers are going to be teenagers. Were going to have sex if we want to. Condoms being available would probably prevent a lot of pregnancies and the spread of std's.

Because kids will have sex. Not all of them, no. Now, if they cant get birth control, and cant afford condoms, but still want to be in a sexual relationship, why would you want them to reproduce, to have another child on the system for our tax dollars to pay for?

Not every teenager is going to have sex. Not every teenager is going to remain abstinent. Whether or not they do is not going to be affected by condoms being available.

There are already places that give out free condoms, and even in the face of this, some teenagers have actually made their own decision to not have sex. And stick by said decision. And obviously, if the lack of condom availability stopped teenagers from having sex, there would be a lot less stds and teen pregnancies going around. And is there something wrong with sex?

No, so long as there is some form of birth control and maturity about it going on. Those kids that are going to have sex will do so whether condoms are available at school or not.

This at least gives them the option to be safe. I don't see how the availability will encourage sex. Those who plan on abstaining will still do so.

The kids who do get condoms from school may not have other options, may be too embarrassed, not have the money to buy them. I'd feel better knowing my child had the option. Who wants a pregnant teenager? A teen with STD's can infect others unknowingly even. STD's can also have permanent life long effects.

It gives you the opportunity to be safe. Teenagers are tempted, pressured, or willing to have sex. The least that schools can do is provide utilities to help lower teen pregnancy and STD rates. It does not promote sex, people who are not "ready" or do not wish to have sex do not have to participate in such activities. Teenagers are at a point in their lives where hormones are at a high and they feel the need to indulge in sexual activities.

Therefore it is important that teenagers understand the importance of safe sex and the consequences of unprotected sex. The first major factor faced by high school students is teenage pregnancy. According to Guttmacher Institute, , teenagers aged 15—19 who do not use a contraceptive during sex are twice as likely to become teen mothers; this has become the newest trend among teenage girls. It has also been noticed among health authorities that there is a significant rise in teenage pregnancies, according to Watson, from the Jamaican Gleaner; adolescent pregnancy continues to be a major public-health challenge in Jamaica, approximately 18 per cent of children born in Jamaica are attributed to adolescent girls and as such condoms should be distributed in schools as a counter measure.

Watson also stated that more than 60 of every pregnancies We will write a custom essay sample on Condoms should be distributed in schools: It is well known that latex condoms are the only form of birth control that reduces the risk of contracting a STD, and must be used every time.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in supports this by stating that the correct and consistent use of male latex condoms can reduce the risk of STD transmission, including HIV infection. As a result of this, condoms should be made readily available to students. Another major factor is the increasing ineffectiveness of abstinence programs. Students have begun to neglect this message as they explore their sexuality. Also i think condoms should be more freely available in the likes of health and doctors clinics.

I'm a conservative year-old female. Want to let you know about that first. Now, originally, I was going to say Yes, as long as the student goes to the nurse's office to get the condom. By passing them out in class, other than sex ed to show "Hey, this is a condom," is in poor taste and shows the school is fine with safe sex.

I also thought that, hey, it is not a medication, so it isn't bound by those rules. However, the medication thing got me thinking So, for legal purposes, I would say no.

I'm allergic to latex. I didn't know this until I lost my virginity at 18 years old. Now if you pass out condoms to kids who don't know if they can tolerate latex or not then you're asking for some parent to get enraged when their kid goes home with terrible itching, burning, and possibly discharge down there. Leave condoms out of the classroom because not all people are latex tolerant.

I don't think condoms should be passed out AT school, but the school should educate the students on where to get free condoms. Not like the kids would use them or ask for them anyway Would go to the school nurse and say, "Hey miss I need some condoms". If kids can't bring themselves to buy them at the drug store like everyone else, then they're not gonna use them. But i don't think they should be casually passed out like through a vending machine or the monthly school newspaper.

Yes i think they should,they are having sex and we want to keep them save from STD and also pregnancy. Condoms are not giving that person permission it is given out to protect you. A lot of Teens in this day and age will have with or without. I'll go one step further though.

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Schuster, Mark A; Bell, Robert M; Berry, Sandra H; Kanouse, David E (). Impact of a high school condom availability program on sexual attitudes and Behaviors Singer, A (). Why schools should make condoms available to teenagers. Educational Leadership: 52(2), 78 .

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