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Impossible Says I'm Possible

What happened?

❶There is nothing in this world which is not possible, may be it seems to be impossible right now as things are still under ' work in progress ' status and ones its finished the tag of impossible will be removed.

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Infact a man can achieve what he believes to achieve. From the above stated facts it is evident that every thing is possible in this world and nothing is impossible. Study Notes for Colleges and Universities. Business Statistics English Essays. Co-Education - A Detailed Essay. Co-education means the education of boys and girls together. In our country there is co-education in some college and schools, in mot coll Tabulation of Data and Types of Tabulation.

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Classification of statistical data is made on the basis of the characteristics possessed by individuals in different groups of the units o Essay on My Favourite Author. There are so many writers. Every one has his peculiar style of writing. Some specialize in a particular branch of literature like dramas o Essay on Female Education.

It is based on the result shown by human endeavour. History is full of impossibilities that could be possible through noble and continuous efforts. Alexander the Great decided to conquer the world. He succeeded in his effort to the maximum extent. Many parts of civilized would succumbed to his feats or his performance. If we take a piece of ordinary glass, hold it over some shredded paper and let sunlight shine through, we will simply have a bright pile of paper.

But if we take a magnifying glass and focus the same sunlight on the paper, we can start a fire. Thus, winners always focus on mastering the ability to accomplish. Once we conceive an idea and back it up with strong belief, we can belief, we can definitely succeed. The work may appear to be difficult, but it can never be impossible is just a big world thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in this world. Impossible is considered as an opinion rather than a fact.

Impossible can be used in temporary sense, as it is nothing permanent. Every person, who strongly believes that anything is possible and can be achieved, is indeed inwardly optimistic who never allows, failures to come.

There are numerous examples from the lives of common people which enhance the vision of possibility. Louis Braille was a blind educationist who devised the touch system of reading and writing for the blind. His impediment did not deter him from devising the Braille script for the visually challenged.

Helen Keller was both blind and deaf, but became an educator of the blind. Sudha Chandran, the famous classical dancer, danced her way to millions of hearts across the globe.

She lost her leg in an accident during her early youth. Though it seemed to be impossible at that time to fulfil her dreams, she rose from the life of incognito and became famous. How the degree of possibility could be raised to such an extent and lead to a great success which was completely impossible at the very beginning of their life? It is nothing but their will power, determination and confidence in achieving their goal. We are only making our destiny, shaping our life and deciding our fate.

God has bestowed enormous power and qualities on human beings. Man is the supreme of all His creations. The qualities like courage, will power, determination, enthusiasm, concentration, memory, judgement, reasoning, etc. Just we should learn the secret of doing things the right way. Everybody is free to dream. But dreams should not remain in our heads. These should become a reality; otherwise they continue to live at the back of our mind forever trapped in the midst of our thoughts.

Obviously one will be frustrated with impossibility. But here one should remember that failure is the pillar of success. Some may experience passing through a smooth paved road as they move towards their goal. On the other hand, for others, the road may be quite a bumpy one, with frequent stops, missed exits and roadblocks. The real reason why we do not try to do certain things or fail to do them when we try, is often because we do not really want to do them, or if we really want a thing, our desire for it is feeble.

When we do not really want to do it, we set to work to find excuses and make a mountain out of a mole hill. If our desire is like a thin, feeble stream of water, it is turned aside or blocked by every small obstacle.

But a rushing torrent simply sweeps rocks and trees and banks out of its way and forces itself through every obstruction. In the same way, a fierce desire, and a strong determination will make difficulties easy and will discover the way to success.

Pallissy, the French potter in the 17 th century, made up his mind to discover a pure white glaze for china. He was a poor man, and had but little education; but for twenty years he worked at his task, trying hundreds of experiments and failing in all.

However, he never gave in.

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The word 'impossible' itself spells, 'I'm possible'. Napoleon Bonaparte once remarked, "That the word 'impossible' is found only in the dictionary of fools". In this world, everything is possible on the basis of will power, dogged determination and sacrifice.

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Everyday people hear amazing stories of success. They hear about people achieving goals that are nearly impossible. I believe that nothing is impossible if you out your mind to it. The dictionary defines the word impossible as, incapable of occurring or being done.

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Impossible can be used in temporary sense, as it is nothing permanent. Every person, who strongly believes that anything is possible and can be achieved, is indeed inwardly optimistic who never allows, failures to come. Self assessment essay is always very difficult to write, because it is almost impossible to assess yourself in an objective way. As a rule, while writing self assessment essay all the students enumerate their positive features of character in a very simple way, but when it comes to the negative traits of character, all the students feel puzzled and do not know .