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❶These research papers are on various topics related to the book. In this amazing book we hear the voices of the members of the Alpha Company and build images based on their dialogue.

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O'Brien uses the protagonist in his collection of short stories with the purpose of emphasizing all of the things he wanted from life. Thus character is more courageous in situations when he hesitated and is actually able to fight for its rights when it is provided with the chance to do so. When considering that fiction is what distinguishes the real O'Brien and the one in his book, it becomes clear that the writer wants to forget about warfare and all other experiences related to it as he focuses on trying to be more like the character in his book.

Particular segments of the stories seem confusing at times and it is difficult to determine whether this is actually what O'Brien intended to do. It is likely that he used this technique in an attempt to have his readers understand the true feelings he has for the idea of warfare. The writer constantly returns to the importance of doing everything in one's power in order to protect one's nation, family, and integrity. However, he also relates to how it is pointless to fight in a conflict that one has nothing to do with and with how going through such an experience is going to scar an individual for life.

The character of Rat Riley stands as an example concerning the gruesome effects that warfare can have on a person's mind. This character watches his friend being killed and eventually suffers a mental breakdown as he realizes that it would be impossible for him to ever recover. Even with this, O'Brien does not stray from his path and continues to speak with regard to the war as if it did not actually affect him significantly.

From his perspective, he simply documents the real-life events he went through and adds a little bit of fiction in order to turn something that is apparently uninteresting into stories that readers would love to read.

One might even think that he does this with the purpose of emphasizing that war is perfectly normal and that there is nothing wrong with a person going to war as long as he or she has the reasons to do so.

O'Brien's true intentions in writing the collection of stories was to entertain readers to such a degree that they would actually be enabled to acknowledge what war actually means. The moment when he speaks about Norman Bowker's suicide reinforces this belief, as the writer expresses little to no interest in the circumstances of his friend's death or on this person's nature in general. Instead, he wants readers to become familiarized with the psychological aspect of the matter, as he intends them to have a higher understanding of what war is.

One of the most intriguing things about O'Brien is that he spends most of his time justifying his intention to write and trying to convince people that he does not necessarily want to speak about the dark nature of warfare. However, all of his efforts materialize in him actually succeeding in providing people with a whole new perspective on fighting. What is even more interesting is that this new amusing and disinterested perspective is more frightening than the one that society is used to encountering in accounts written by individuals who witnessed warfare from… [END OF PREVIEW].

The story is told…. The narrator intimates this himself, in a…. Tim O'Brien Any writer is first a man, and we have to understand his qualities as an individual before we try any analysis.

Tim O'Brien has many features in his…. The story is told… Pages: The narrator intimates this himself, in a… Pages: Understanding the Man View Paper … Tim O'Brien Any writer is first a man, and we have to understand his qualities as an individual before we try any analysis.

Tim O'Brien has many features in his… Pages: Retrieved September 14, , from https: Accessed September 14, Email Us Listen to our radio ad! Click here to read a random sample of our writing.

This quote shows that the young soldiers are not really brave, they are just confused about what bravery is. They went to war not because they supported it or wanted to show themselves in the field — they went because they were afraid not to.

What they experience is a simple fear and shame. In chapter six two young soldiers by names Strunk and Jensen think that life would not be worth living if they get injured. For them the death and disgrace would be to be crippled on in wheelchairs. Though, the course of the war is unpredictable and Strunk loses part of his leg. He is terrified, and realizes that primarily he wants to live, with two full legs or even one and a half. He realizes how childish he was, he understands that what he thought was brave is simply absurd, the main important thing is to live.

The effect the war has on a person is seen in the first chapter when before the reader appears a situation of a young solider dying and his fellow-fighters mourning for him. When Jimmy Cross understood that Ted Lavender was dead, and that he could have prevented it, his perception of life changed.

Before, what he could think about was only his girlfriend Martha. He was a loving boyfriend before he was a soldier. Later he realized that the only thing that cannot be changed in this world is death. This occurrence made him apprehend his duties as a soldier and all what seemed important then became dull. In chapter three we see that the lack of a purpose sometimes drives the men crazy. The soldiers feel that there is no morality to what they are doing. Their wartime life seems eternal, boring, boring and frighteningly useless.

In chapter five Dave Jensen becomes unable to tell what is right and what is wrong. In chapter nine we realize how an innocent young girl Mary Anne Bell, who was only in Vietnam a few months, lost herself in the country. In the last chapter we see the most important effect a war has on a person. The war gives a person a new understanding of death.

The protagonist of novel realizes that those who died in the war are not really dead, but they live in the memory and imagination. Without a shadow of doubt, having read The Things They Carried we understand that we have not been fooled or lied to. He is not afraid to admit that he was also scared and confused Vernon. This book is the greatest fiction and a searing touching autobiography. It is deep with symbolism and meaning and the human life, bravery, survival, and death.

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- The Things They Carried In , Tim O'Brien released his second novel about Vietnam, and in the late Sunday edition of the New York Times in March, Robert Harris, editor of .

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In order to keep their sanity and their hope, they carried with them pieces of the life they left behind. In The Things They Carried, the soldiers of Lt. Cross’s platoon are told to carry with them pieces of home. For example, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried with him . The Things They Carried analysis paper Themes in The Things They Carried “In a story, which is a kind of dreaming, the dead sometimes smile and sit up and return to the world,” writes Tim O’Brien in his novel The Things They Carried (). Throughout the story, O’Brien discusses themes such as death, the loss of innocence, and truth.

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Short Story an Analysis of Tim O'Brien's the Things They Carried View Paper . Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried" The Things They Carried is an emotional narrative about several American soldiers serving together in the Vietnam War. The Things They Carried Introduction When speaking of western history in terms of existence of the human species, the events carried in the acts of war remain totemic in nature spanning through the entire landscape. There are physical as well as mental borders.