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Vehicle pollution Essay

Long and Short Essay on Vehicle pollution in India in English

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Nariobi’s Vehicle Pollution Essay Sample

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In India, its biggest cause is due to vehicle pollution which creates many problems including lack of oxygen in the atmosphere that leads to breathing diseases for all the living beings and the major issue of global warming. You can select any Vehicle pollution essay as per your need and interest:. A Vehicle has always been the prime necessity for the general public in India either it is scooter, motor cycle or car; it is not the time when having an own transport was treated as status symbol but nowadays it has become the need for everyone either in urban or rural areas to commute from one place to another.

Where some changes proves beneficial to a part of generation on the other side it become a curse for all world. For example invention of petrol or diesel fuelled vehicles. At this current time this world is living under the alarming rate of air pollution and the major cause of this crisis is the pollutants emitted from vehicles. India is the country of million people and is the biggest consumer of motor vehicles or automobiles. These vehicles either operated by petrol or diesels, extremely affect the environment and our ecosystem.

Generally pollutants emitted from car are one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere. As we know that the whole world is under the fear of global warming and the biggest cause of it is the increasing level of vehicle pollution which needs a quick attention by all of us.

Pollution in big metropolitan cities is increasing day by day and main cause for this is pollution through vehicle apart from industry. As more people are shifting from small cities to big cities, numbers of vehicles are increasing and it deteriorating the air quality badly. Various diseases in big cities are due to the vehicle pollution.

With the increase in number of vehicles, pollution from these automobiles is increasing drastically. These gases are creating immediate and long-term effect on the environment. Immediate effect are on the human for developing health hazard and long effect are harming the environment by creating global warming, acid rain, imbalance in eco system etc. These gases trapped the heat in the atmosphere and leading to increase in temperature of earth i.

This increase in temperature affects ecology such as increase in sea level; destroy of natural landscapes, drought in many part of world, flood, Cyclone etc.

These gases are depleting the Ozone layer; due to this Ultraviolet rays are easily reaching in atmosphere which is a source of various skin diseases. SOx and NOx in the atmosphere converts into acid during rain and destroy the crops, forest and other vegetation.

CO2 concentration in the air is increasing and reached up to ppm at its alarming level. Diesel vehicles are more prone to generate air pollution and create various diseases such as cough, headache, nausea, asthma and other respiratory problems etc. These technologies carry with them additional costs, but pay for themselves through savings at the gasoline pump. As more cars and trucks are sold and total annual mileage increases, improving pollution-control technology and burning less fuel continues to be vital, especially in rapidly growing urban areas.

However, eliminating emissions from the tailpipe goes even further to cut down on harmful air pollutants. Hydrogen fuel-cell and electric vehicles move away from burning fuel and use electrochemical processes instead to produce the needed energy to drive a car down the road.

Fuel-cell vehicles run on electricity that is produced directly from the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. The only byproduct is water—which is why fuel-cell cars and trucks are called zero-emission vehicles.

Electric vehicles store energy in an onboard battery, emitting nothing from the tailpipe. The hydrogen for the fuel cell and the electricity for the battery must still be produced somewhere, so there will still be upstream emissions associated with these vehicles.

These stationary sources, however, are easier to control and can ultimately be converted to use wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources to come as close as possible to true zero-emission vehicles.

The gasoline and diesel fuel in use today contains significant amounts of sulfur and other compounds that make it harder for existing control technology to keep vehicles clean.

Removing the sulfur from the fuel and cutting down on the amount of light hydrocarbons helps pollution-control technology to work better and cuts down on evaporative and refueling emissions. Further large-scale reductions of other tailpipe pollution and CO 2 can be accomplished with a shift away from conventional fuels.

Alternative fuels such as natural gas, methanol, ethanol, and hydrogen can deliver benefits to the environment while helping to move the United States away from its dependence on oil. All of these fuels inherently burn cleaner than diesel and gasoline, and they have a lower carbon content—resulting in less CO 2.

Most of these fuels are also more easily made from renewable resources, and fuels such as natural gas and methanol help provide a bridge to producing hydrogen for fuel-cell vehicles. Because we are still dependent on fossil fuels and the number of cars on the road is expected to double, a significant reduction in vehicular pollution requires more than gains in fuel efficiency.

Measures that encourage us to drive less can help curb vehicular pollution and protect natural resources and public health. Individuals can also make a difference in the effort to reduce pollution from cars and trucks. How we drive and how we take care of our vehicles affects fuel economy and pollution emissions. The following are several ways people can reduce the harmful environmental impact of cars. American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. Vehicular Pollution Photo by: Ingredients of Vehicular Pollution The following are the major pollutants associated with motor vehicles: The primary ingredient in urban smog, ozone is created when hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides NO x —both of which are chemicals released by automobile fuel combustion—react with sunlight.

Though beneficial in the upper atmosphere, at the ground level ozone can irritate the respiratory system, causing coughing, choking, and reduced lung capacity.

These particles of soot, metals, and pollen give smog its murky color. Among vehicular pollution, fine particles those less than one-tenth the diameter of a human hair pose the most serious threat to human health by penetrating deep into lungs. In addition to direct emissions of fine particles, automobiles release nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and sulfur dioxide, which generate additional fine particles as secondary pollution.

Nitrogen oxides NO x. These vehicular pollutants can cause lung irritation and weaken the body's defenses against respiratory infections such as pneumonia and influenza. The transportation sector is increasingly being recognized as the highest polluter.

It is emitting atmospheric reactive gases and other toxic chemicals that depend on such factors as the daily kilometers travelled. If no actions are taken to prevent car populations on the road, environmental and health hazards will continue to worsen.

The Kenyan government must prioritize infrastructure in public transportation such as an efficient bus and train system throughout the city of Nairobi. Even though it will take a long time to construct and build a city railway system, investments into the infrastructure for the future is what needs to happen. There are solutions to the problems of vehicle pollution if the government acts aggressively in creating a transportation infrastructure.

Nairobi and it Environment. Government of Kenya, City of Nairobi Environmental Outlook. Gatari Gichuru, Michael J. Major Pollutants and Their Health Impact. Development Planning and Management Opportunities and Challenges.

University of Nairobi, 4 Aug. Happiness is being able to breathe fresh and clean air everyday but, is the air breathed in was of good quality? According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is defined as the contamination of either indoor or outdoor surrounding by any agent that alters the natural properties of the atmosphere, regardless chemical, biological or physical 1. Polluted air causes one to be susceptible to The Polluter Pays Principle implies that persons who are responsible for pollution are made to pay the cost of the measures necessary to avoid or reduce it.

Such a principle was generated from the principles of the civil code, i. Instead of leaving it wide as the civil law does, In this essay I shall be discussing the link between the environment and society and also how the environment has brought about social change.

This essay shall also include various environmental issues faced by society. To begin, Paper products are the largest causes of fossil fuels in the world.

Almost everything humans use on a daily basis contains some sort of paper product, whether its cereal boxes, parking tickets, toilet paper, shopping bags, store receipts, food containers were all created by timber.

The problem is by cutting down the timber to make these everyday products that greenhouse gas emissions are Introduction The twentieth century marked the beginning of use of equipments like radio, television and a ground breaking discovery - the first computer. Innovation and development in the field of science and technology and an open global market resulted in availability of a range of products at affordable prices, changing the very lifestyle of societies.

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Vehicular Emissions That Contribute to Global Warming

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Essay on Vehicle Pollution: Meaning, Causes, Effects and Solution – Essay 4 ( words) Introduction A major part of polluted air in atmosphere is because of vehicle and other means of .

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Air pollution caused by cars is one of the biggest challenges for air pollution that environmentalist are working with now a days. In the s the first car was invented with a combustible engine. Henry Ford was the creator and also later founded Ford Motor Company.

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"Vehicle Pollution Essay" Essays and Research Papers Vehicle Pollution Essay Vehicular Pollution The majority of today’s pollution is caused by cars and trucks which are the largest single source of . Vehicle pollution (also transport pollution, motor pollution) is the introduction of harmful material into the environment by motor vehicles. These materials, known as pollutants, have several bad effects on human health and the ecosystem.

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Vehicle Pollution Essay Sample The majority of today’s pollution is caused by cars and trucks which are the largest single source of air pollution. With the great number of vehicles on the road we are headed toward smoggy skies and dirty air if we do nothing to help stop pollution. Vehicle pollution essay Vehicle pollution such as well as well as part of cars a pretty air pollution problem facing people today. Get this topic to help reduce air pollution for my essay questions this live blog, come browse our world faces today.