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How to Write a Style Analysis Essay

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❶Icarian bird, Melting thy pinions in thy upward flight; Lark without song, and messenger of dawn, Circling above the hamlets as thy nest; Or else, departing dream, and shadowy form Of midnight vision, gathering up thy skirts; By night star-veiling, and by day Darkening the light and blotting out the sun; Go thou, my incense, upward from this hearth, And ask the gods to pardon this clear flame.

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Style Analysis Essay as an Example of Good Writing
Lesson Plan: Analyzing an Author's Style in Literature
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Discuss the following concepts about writing style:. Use the following lesson ideas to help students analyze various styles in writing:. Analyzing author's style involves understanding the particular way a piece is written.

Style in writing is not what is said but how it is said. Analyzing author's style involves analyzing the writer's unique way of communicating ideas. Styles in writing are created deliberately by the author to convey a specific mood or effect.

Key aspects in styles of writing include: Styles in Writing Lesson Ideas Use the following lesson ideas to help students analyze various styles in writing: Use a three column chart labeled Aspects of Style, Selection s , and Example s.

For example, an analysis of Homer's style might include: Instruct students to fill out the chart for a specific author. Write a style analysis using information from the chart. Write a style comparison of two different writers. In groups of three or four, choose one paragraph from a literary work, indicative of a particular author's style, and find at least 5 examples. You generally like to work alone or behind the scenes.

If you are right-handed and your handwriting slants to the left, you may be expressing rebellion. You tend to be logical and practical. You are guarded with your emotions.

Ink blotch on your sleeve? You have a big personality. Many celebrities have large handwriting. It may suggest that you are outgoing and like the limelight.

You are focused and can concentrate easily. You tend to be introspective and shy. You are well-adjusted and adaptable. If Your Loops Are You are a people-pleaser and seek compromise. You are intellectually probing and like to study new things. The higher and pointier the peaks, the more ambitious you are. Open at the bottom: You might not be following your heart. For example, you always wanted to be an artist, but you have a career in finance.

Line Quality If your writing is faint, like a bad photocopy, simply focus on pressing harder. If you pressed so hard that your fingers got sore, correct your grip: Try to hold the pen between the pads of your middle finger and thumb, with your index finger resting on top. Alignment Does your sentence tilt up or down on the page?

If the answer is yes, use an index card to guide you when you write on unlined paper. Use the top of the note card as the base for each line of writing. And use the space between the lines on the card as a reference for the amount of space you should leave between the lines of your note. Slant To straighten up a bit, adjust the angle of the paper. For lefties, the bottom-left corner should fall at 8 and the upper-right corner at 2.

Spacing If your letters and words are too close together, they blend into one another. Too far apart and they get lost in space. Imagine a lowercase o split vertically in half.

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I Write Like menu ≡ Home About Blog Check which famous writer you write like with this statistical analysis tool, which analyzes your word choice and writing style .

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An Online Writing Sample Content and Readability Analyzer: analyze your writing and get statistics on words you use most frequently, word and sentence length, readability, punctuation usage, and more.

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Writing a style analysis essay may seem like a daunting task, but, by understanding the basic components of style analysis, it doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. Analyzing is an ability that will help you in other aspects of life, too, like work and school. "Essay Tips: Style Analysis - Tone of Voice Words" Study Notes, LLC., 17 Nov. Web. 02 Sep.

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Literary Style Analysis can be difficult to do at first because it is probably different than other forms of analysis you have likely done before. Still, it is a key skill in literary analysis. As with every other aspect of good literature, style contributes to the unity of the elements to give the work its quality. There are four main types of writing - expository, persuasive, descriptive, and narrative - and each one has a specific style. Main Types of Writing: Expository Expository writing is a general category that includes all types of essays (with the exception of persuasive essays).