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Difference Between Basic Research and Applied Research

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❶However, there is nothing so practical as a general and accurate theory. The contribution of science to medicine".

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Key Differences Between Basic and Applied Research

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Basic Research vs Applied Research We all know about research and how important it is for the mankind for building upon our knowledge base. Research it is that makes possible discoveries and also helps in solving myriad puzzles about our world and indeed in entire universe. But research has been broadly classified into basic research [ ].

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Basic research, also called pure research or fundamental research, has the scientific research aim to improve scientific theories for improved understanding or prediction of natural or other phenomena. Applied research, in turn, uses scientific theories to develop technology or techniques to intervene and alter natural or other phenomena. Though often driven by curiosity, basic research fuels Founded:

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Fundamental research answers the initial question of how things work. This fundamental knowledge is then used by applied scientists and engineers, for example, to make improvements on existing products, technologies and processes. Fundamental research is the research which is generally conducted to develop some new theories. 2. Applied research is more concerned with knowledge that has immediate application and would be useful in making decisions and formulating policies.

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Video: Basic Research and Applied Research: Definitions and Differences In this lesson, we look at the difference between basic and applied psychological research and discover why there is a. Difference Between Basic and Applied Research October 3, By Surbhi S 2 Comments Research is a calculated investigation that provides a base for the decision-making.