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❶It is they owe me, not a lot, but enough to make me mad Be the first to leave a review.

How will you get paid for your work?

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They also accused me of plagarism when I don't think they have at all read my work. Worse part of it all is that the students ordering are actually the ones who are the ones plagarizing since they are claiming somebody elses work as theirs. Me too I was one of the poor writer being fooled by essaywriters they are criminals. Accusing their writers having a plagerized work where in fact the reality is they dont have any intention on paying their writers.

Be aware of this site! It is true they dont pay their writers. They refused to pay me dollars siting that i had a plagiarised work. I feel dumb being used by them in this manner and Susan, is so rude and harsh.

I received so many positive feedbacks yet they are not making my payments. The customers on the website are even more stupid than the customer support people. I wish I could sue them! I made the mistake of operating several parallel accounts with them as from I must admit that at first they were generous.

I am lost for words Last night, they terminated my account and told me they wont pay. Reason given, I caused damage to the company yet there was no complain at all It is very devastating. Last month they put an account on hold on 30th just before paying. I too ran into a problem with these people. They owe me They gave me the same excuses as the ones above, claiming plagarism.

These people are just crooks. They have two ratings at the BBB. Essay Writers is C- and Universal is F. There must be something we can all do.

Guys, we cant just let them go like that, I know bestessays. What can we do to bring them down. You can get stress related health complications if you work with these idiots! I totally agree with all of you. This accompanied by writing for a stupid customer, who got an F on the paper for cheating to begin with, so since I had two complaints all together on my work after doing a so-called investigation; they decided to put my account under investigation after giving this guy a partial refund, despite his directions not being clear to begin with.

This was all over two negative complaints, but they took the side of the customer, instead of the writer, which really pisses me off.

I want my money, and this company needs to go to court to give us all our money we have rightfully earned. Thank you everyone for sharing. I am glad to not be alone with this. I have filed a complaint with my state and with the FTC about this company. Fight back and hard, don't let them win.

Here is the latest conversation with the company, that I am going to use as proof against them. When am I going to get paid?

Your request has been directed to the Customer Service department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call. Call accepted by operator Stacey. What is your ID number? Just a second Elizabeth Lord: I want paid now Elizabeth Lord: I have filed two complaints against you.

QAD had done a major check on your account Stacey: This issue will be transferred to the superior Stacey: We will get back to you in messages Elizabeth Lord: You better because now your but is in the deep end now due to this boat load of crap Elizabeth Lord: You are a fraudulent company that has no business being in business, consequences will follow. Not only that, it seems they are also calling up the writers who have lodged complaints against them; this time, it's in the disguise of law professionals who are also writers and had been cheated by EW.

I was approached by one and it seemed that the person was speaking while muffling the voice with a cloth; though it was a female name but the voice resembled that of a male. Now, I forwarded her all the proof that I had and mentioned about it at essayscam. It seemed that she was terrified and claimed that I made her risk her life. She forced me to take the post down else she is going to sue me at the International court and even accused me of being an agent to EW.

It's a situation and I'm in a dilemma; I tracked the ip-address from which she had sent me the mails and it's an ip-cloaking site. Sorry, I cannot provide her name and contact id here privacy policy issues. I've set up this blog to safeguard my works and give essaywriters.

Can I just say thank you so much to everyone for writing about your experiences, I was just about to register with this company and now I'm going to reply and tell them to get lost!!! Seems as though i've had a lucky escape, and I know it must be a tiny consellation but when the company is Googled now these complaints come up, so if any future potential writers look them up you guys have exposed the company for the fraudsters they are.

I hope all of you get your money and wish you the best of luck for the future. I knew something wasn't kosher when they kept repeating their payment schedule. I kept looking for the bite where they ask for money. Seeing none I signed up, albeit with a few false details.

I then did the test but I still wasn't feeling quite right. So I googled them and here I am. The quality of our essay was solid, but the price was very steep. Still, we found the writing style to be very good and detected no plagiarism in our paper. The writer delivered the paper in time and followed all our instructions carefully. We preferred the live chat since the phone agent did not speak good English and the e-mail agents took days to reply to our messages. Generally, we are satisfied by the customer service.

The biggest disadvantage of this company and the reason why we cannot recommend it is the originally high pricing and the lack of any discounts.

If you are not on a limited budget, this company may be a good place to order your essay from. But remember, essays are all you can find here, so look for other companies if you need help with other academic papers. Most recent Top score Most helpful Worst score Be the first to leave a review. Harvard essay writing guide Essay writing guide for international students Purdue essay writing guide. Writing Services Offered Offering writing, rewriting and editing services for essays only, our Services section in this Myessaywriter.

Paper Quality The quality of our essay was solid, but the price was very steep. Conclusion In conclusion, myessaywriter. Users 5 votes 4.

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The cunning” 11/6/17 Just hours ago, my writer profile on, which has been in existence for about a year and a half was terminated/5(94).

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Reviews Working with has been an amazing and truly rewarding experience. I can always expect prompt responses to my issues, and the work has been interesting, varied, and plentiful.

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As the name suggests, writes essays for students of all academic levels. Still, you may be surprised to hear that this is the only paper this. I have worked with The company is poorly managed. They steal from their clients and writers/5(12).

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Sep 21,  · My experience with despite its good beginning proved to be one of the most disheartening in my 20 years of studies and work experience. Please be aware of how this company works. Positive vibes to my fellow writers. Consumer complaints and reviews about in Herndon, Virginia. online scam. Online Scams1/5.