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If I Win the Lottery Essay Sample

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❶If I win the lottery, I might be at risk from envious people who might want to steal from me. You are commenting using your WordPress.

If I Win A Lottery English Essay For School Students

If I Win the Lottery Essay Sample
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Apr 03,  · If I won the lottery I would invest in certain stocks and put most of my winnings into some type of savings bond. I would personally give five million to my aunt and uncle because of all the money they’ve helped me with over the years.

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Apr 26,  · The lottery isn’t just a simple gambling game. Its enables you to jump straight into the upper class. It’s a one dollar ticket to all of the luxurys of the world, and all you need to win it all with just some luck. If I won the lottery I would most certainly pay for a college education for myself.

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If by the grace of God I win a lottery. I will be full of joy. To offer my gratitude towards Him first of all I would visit a temple along with my family members to make an offering. What Would You Do If You Won the Lottery If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is go to my bank and put the money in my savings and invest it. Then I could add to it and be even, more rich. One thing I wouldn’t do is tell somebody, because they would tell somebody, then everyone would want my money. After I would have put it in the bank, I would spend some of it on a white, GTI.

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If I win the first prize, I shall get twenty lakh rupees. I shall feel on top of the world and would experience a never- before felt joy. All of my dreams and aspirations could be achieved if I won the lottery. So when I won the lottery, I have to repay them a happy and comfortable house to make them live better. The second thing that I am going to do with my money is to give some of the money to the charities to help the poor people.