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Additionally Americans can choose what level of affiliation they want to observe of any particular religion. This point in the constitution is especially important to me because I am Jewish and many of the countries in the world would not let me follow in the path of my religion.

Overall, I think the rights that we have in America is the best thing about this fabulous country. The second thing that I think about when I am asked what America means to me is how America is the almost like the supreme ruler of the world. Among other things, America is the leader in economy, technology, and defense in the world. America also has one of the most advanced cultures in the world and it is being developed. An example of how America is the supreme ruler is when in the peace talks in Israel, both sides are asking America to be the peacemaker.

Why ask America and not any country? Because America is the only country that really has the power to make peace there. I think the only reason why they asked Arab states to be allied with us is because of diplomatic reasons, but not any military reasons, because we probably have the best army in the world.

However, we must work hard to stay at the top of all these things mentioned above. The reason why they made up this song is that it is true; America is beautiful and very beautiful at that. You probably only have to drive less than an hour from most major cities in order to arrive at a very well preserved, beautiful national park. Of course, these national parks are the only way to remember how America was before colonists settled here; it was calm and peaceful. Although we Americans have made man-made parks inside our cities for our own pleasure, we must face the facts.

It is not the real thing. We have the real thing though and the only thing we must do is protect and preserve it. So, is that really what America means to me? Yes, I think so, yes very much so. All these things are true and I would really like to keep these things true by maintaining all of them.

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My view of the United States of America. I think that gun legislation in the US is a bit out of control, meaning a mentally unstable person may go into a store and buy a gun. Wait a week and then go collect his weapon. But it is a fact that if you want a gun, it's fairly easy to get one in any 3/5(3).

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If you're going to write, write from the point of view of an elementary school student. That is to say - no politics, no religion. Think about what an elementary school student would say. I'd stick to the 1 3 1 (intro, because because because, summary) format for the essay if I were in your position. Re: Your View of America My view of America: We have diversity. From people, religion, cultures, food, language, and landscape when you come to America you will find a little bit of everything. From the Fjords in Alaska and Washington to swamps to desert to Thai food, burgers, you name it.-We are compassionate people.

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Sep 11,  · I was asked to write a short essay on my view of america, for a job application. How would you answer that? What is your view of America?!? I was asked to write a short essay on my view of america, for a Status: Resolved. Nov 06,  · Today, our next American president is African American. But, again, I want to keep it very non political. And another problem, I haven't written an essay for at least ten years. I don't even remember what an essay is! I remember learning that in an essay you are suppose to "prove" something with a thesis statement, I think. So I'm at Author: Happier Still.